Our Founder, David Baker

Sixty years ago, David was introduced to tasting wines by his music teacher, in an attempt to encourage him to practice more. David decided that the wine was more interesting than the music and found himself meticulously describing in detail the flavours of each wine, and keeping the bottle labels for his collection. Wine tasting became an obsession, and soon he was looking for drinks with more diverse and complex flavours. Cognac won the day and music became history.

David has an almost photographic memory of taste and style.  Working with some of the finest cognac houses he is able to locate cognacs, not just of superbly unique quality and style, but where history can be defined by age and vintage. The cognacs are a brief suspension of time and allow those fortunate enough to taste them to understand the true greatness of Hermitage Cognac, the King of all Spirits. What some call extravagance is merely a need to taste the finest available.

Superb cognac from one of our favourite independent bottlers of brandy

Hedonism Wines, Mayfair

Our Company

There are five or six hundred producers of cognac in the cantons of Cognac. Most produce their spirits for the big commercial names in the industry. At Hermitage we carefully select the golden nectars from barrels where history has stood still. Many of our cognacs have vintages, others, age statements which define the period of time spent in barrels.

We seek history and provenance for our cognacs, but also look for smaller detail such as cellar location and humidity, size and type of oak barrels along with their toasting and age. We look at the size and shape of the still on which our cognacs are made and perhaps most importantly, the families who have made them and their belief in producing cognac that will be different from the rest.