Hermitage 1995 Grande Champagne Cognac

RRP: £114.90

Global Luxury Spirits Masters 2019 – Gold Award

“This is one to treasure and bring out on special occasions.” Will Lyons, The Sunday Times

We were lucky to find this wonderful cognac available for bottling as a replacement for our award-winning 1999 vintage which has nearly run out.  The 1995 comes from the same distillery but has aged for a longer period, enabling a greater complexity of flavours.  This is a rich and beautifully finished cognac fit for a king.

Vol:  70cl

Abv:  43%

Aroma:  Delightful rich aromas of butterscotch, cocoa, cloves and brazil nuts.

Flavour:  Remarkably mature with flavours of butterscotch, walnuts, biscuits and baked apple peel. Finishing tones of mandarin peel and damson.