Hermitage 2008 Grande Champagne Cognac – Too Good To Miss

Hermitage 2008 Grande Champagne CognacA truly amazing cognac; Hermitage 2008 Grande Champagne Cognac is an extraordinary and totally unique one in a million find. It’s rich, spicy and full of intrigue. There are flavours of dates, cinnamon, toffee and pistachio as well as exotic tones of rambutan, mango and passion fruit with a tail of sweet oranges. A masterpiece of the distiller’s skills and the cellar master’s experience, it was aged in a small barrique which had previously aged some very old and rare cognac. Smooth and full of rich flavours, that are undeniably worthy of a much older cognac, yet this is only 10 years old. There are less than 200 bottles available. Great balance, pure magic.
“For anyone looking for a very fine and special gift …. the smallest glass is a sublime treat.” Victoria Moore, The Daily Telegraph